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On Demand Workshops

Resilience and Stress Management - 52:07, mp4

Building resilience is a skill anyone can learn. In this workshop we'll take a closer look at the four pillars of resilience that are necessary for growth in times of stress. We'll identify your specific stress style to better understand what unknown stressors may exist in your life and how you can identify what you need in order to build this important skill. Come join Naj Alikhan, LMFT for this fun and practical workshop!

When Stress Turns Into Anxiety - 43:54, mp4

Join Naj Alikhan, LMFT, for a follow-up workshop about understanding anxiety.

Preventing Depression During Quarantine - 40:37, mp4

Tips for staying mentally healthy and hopeful while practicing physical distancing.

Tackle the Term (WFH Edition) - 52:45, mp4

Occupational Therapy and Counseling Services are pleased to offer Tackle The Term, a 1-hour workshop for grads and undergrads to help you start the term off right. We'll focus on effective ways to keep a schedule, find an ideal place to work, decide how best to spend your time, and what to do when your plans fall off track. We'll also review some popular apps that can help you stay on top of your work and avoid procrastination.

Tackle the Term: Next Steps (WFH Edition) - 44:29, mp4

Tackle the Term: Next Steps is a workshop oriented toward graduate students and covers strategies for tackling research and open-ended work.

Coping with Procrastination Workshop - 46:14, mp4

Counseling Services is pleased to offer a workshop on coping with procrastination and work avoidance. It's open to all graduate and undergraduate students - come join us!

  • Learn tools for coping with procrastination and work avoidance;
  • Learn practical, behavioral strategies for responding differently to old habits;
  • Respond differently to unhelpful thoughts like, "I can just get up early and do this tomorrow."; and
  • Sign up for an optional text-based reminder system to keep the lessons from the workshop fresh.

Staying Together When You're Apart (or Stuck Together) - 46:24, mp4

Join Naj Alikhan, LMFT, for a workshop about maintaining healthy relationships whether you're maintaining physical distancing or spending extended amounts of time together in one space.

Substance Use Trends in Quarantine - 23:43, mp4

Student Wellness staff answer questions and talk about solutions to the substance use trends we're seeing from students in quarantine.

Getting Better Sleep Workshop - 47:09, mp4

Counseling Services and Occupational Therapy are pleased to offer this 1-hour workshop for people who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. It's open to all enrolled graduate or undergraduate students.

What's DBT?

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, is an approach to counseling that focuses on balancing the dual goals of trying to change while also accepting things as they currently are. This interplay between change and acceptance informs most of the goals of DBT.
  • DBT was developed especially to help people who have longstanding difficulties with managing intense emotions, who deal with nonsuicidal self-injury, and those with a trauma history.

This approach emphasizes learning concrete skills in four main areas:

  1. Mindfulness - focusing on the present instead of getting carried away by intense emotions;
  2. Interpersonal effectiveness - asserting and protecting your own needs while also respecting those of others;
  3. Distress tolerance - keeping emotional crises at a manageable level so that you can make better choices about how to cope; and
  4. Emotion regulation - how to reduce your vulnerability to intense emotions.

DBT Workshop Series #1 - Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness - 50:42, mp4

DBT Workshop Series #2 - Learning interpersonal effectiveness skills - 52:58, mp4

DBT Workshop Series #3 - Learning distress tolerance skills - 56:54, mp4

DBT Workshop Series #4 - Learning emotion regulation skills - 51:54, mp4

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