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Staff and Faculty

If you are a staff or faculty member who is in need of counseling services or other support for yourself, please visit the Caltech Staff and Faculty Consultation Center.

Student Wellness Services offers trainings and workshops on a variety of topics related to health, emotional well-being, suicide prevention, time management, and more. We'd be happy to collaborate on a program for your lab group or department! Please fill out the Outreach Request Form.

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Health Services:

Being seen by a medical provider at the Student Health Services is FREE to all currently enrolled Caltech students. Students should consider Student Health Services as their first stop for all their primary care needs.

Counseling Services:

Student Counseling Services staff regularly consults with faculty and staff about students of concern. If you'd like to get advice about how to support a student, please call us at (626) 395-8331 and ask for a consultation. Student Counseling Services collaborates with the CARE Team to connect students to appropriate resources; we encourage you to make a referral directly to the Team by sending an email or submitting an online referral.

Occupational Therapy Services:

For staff and faculty who work with our students on a daily basis, please know that occupational therapy is a free service to all students and we encourage you to utilize us as an additional resource. Occupational therapy examines roles, habits, routines, values, and the environment around you, in order to meet your students' individualized needs.

We assist students with a range of issues, including:

  • Academics: time management, planning and organization, goal setting, improving focus, productivity, procrastination
  • Physical Health: sleep, self-care, healthy eating, engaging in physical activity
  • Mental Health: managing stress and anxiety, functioning with non-visible disabilities, work-life balance
  • Life Coaching: motivation, decision-making, problem-solving, accountability, exploring values and goals
  • Transitions: adjusting to campus life, post-graduation plans, changes in roles or expectations

Students do not require any additional referral in order to see an occupational therapist. If you feel that a student you are working with may benefit from our services, referring them is as simple as encouraging them to schedule an appointment online through the Student Health Portal or by calling (626) 395-8331.

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