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Counseling Services promotes student success and emotional well-being through high-quality, equitable and identity-affirming clinical services, outreach, and consultation to the Caltech community.

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1239 Arden Rd.
Pasadena, CA 91125
(626) 395-8331

Hours of Service:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed on Institute Holidays

View the Counseling Services report for Fall 2020, summarizing the first full term of remote instruction.

Meet the Team

Picture of Jennifer

Jennifer Howes, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Wellness

Education: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology; B.A. History, University of California, Los Angeles
Professional Affiliations: Organization of Counseling Center Directors in Higher Education (2018-2019 Chair); Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors; California Psychological Association; Higher Education Case Management Association
Professional Interests: Suicide prevention initiatives, ensuring that Student Wellness Services is providing quality care in an equitable and affirming way; deep dives into the "upstream" causes of the high levels of distress we are seeing in student populations; being creative, and trying new things!
Liaisonships/Committees: Caltech CARE Team; UASH (non-voting); Faculty Health
Hobbies/Self-Care: I enjoy traveling, reading non-fiction, making stationery, and hiking.
Wellness Tip: Resist the urge to grab your phone or electronic device first thing in the morning. Set your intention for the day, and take a couple of deep breaths for good measure. Doesn't take but a minute, and I find it helps ground me and give me some focus in the morning, which sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I completed my undergraduate work at UCLA and received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. Prior to arriving at Caltech in 2011, I worked with a diverse group of students at the Claremont Colleges and maintained a small private practice. While I now focus on administrative aspects of Health and Counseling Services, I enjoy supporting students through programming and outreach events related to mental health, emotional wellbeing, identity development, physical fitness, and the Caltech Cares initiative. I am passionate about examining existing systems to identify inequities and potential for marginalization of underrepresented students, and working collaboratively to change policies, procedures and process to support and affirm students.

Picture of Lee

Lee H. Coleman, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Director of Counseling Services

Pronouns: he/him/his
Education: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Miami University, 1999
Professional Affiliations: Diplomate, American Board of Professional Psychology; Certificate in Mindfulness Facilitation from the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior; International Mindfulness Teachers Association; Enrolled in the 2021-22 Transference-Focused Psychotherapy Program at the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Professional Interests: Depression and anxiety; preventing depressive relapse; suicide prevention; emotion regulation; mindful awareness skills
Hobbies/Self-Care: Meditation, playing bass guitar, cooking, and reading
Wellness Tip: Meditation isn't necessarily something you have to set aside separate time for. It's an attitude of welcoming awareness that you can bring to whatever you happen to be doing anyway.

This is my 18th year at Caltech. It's an incredible privilege to work with such talented, insightful, and delightful students. There's so much that Wellness Services can offer you - please come talk with us, and let's find out how we can work together.

Picture of Charisma

Charisma Bartlett, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist, Asian/Asian-American Focus

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Education: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University 2010
Professional Affiliations: Asian American Psychological Association
Professional Interests: Multi-cultural/Diversity issues
Liaisonships/Committees: International Student Programs (ISP)
Hobbies/Self-Care: travel, cooking and eating all cuisines, making blends with essential oils, hiking national parks
Wellness Tip: I use an adjustable height standing desk to boost mental alertness during afternoon slumps and allows me to dance while jamming to my favorite tunes!

After traveling through 39 countries around the world as a student, tourist, and self-proclaimed international food taster, I completed my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2010 and joined Counseling Services in 2011. My interest areas include cultural identity, spirituality and existential issues, and advocacy for the mental health needs of Asian and Asian American students. As a liaison to International Student Programs (ISP), I provide adjustment and ongoing support to international students. Through my diverse experiences at local universities and hospital settings, I am also able to work with a student's relationship with food and body image.

I believe it's never too late to make mindset shifts that can make a significant impact on one's present circumstances and future trajectory. My therapeutic style is warm, relational, and focuses on your strengths and goals, in addition to managing areas of impasse. I assess how past relationships and experiences may be connected to arrested development in your current context. Through collaborative exploration, I can help you discover deeper connections in your relationships and move toward a greater sense of purpose and work-life balance.

Picture of Denise

Denise Lin, LCSW

Staff Clinician / Crisis Intervention Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Education: Master in Social Work, California State University, Los Angeles
Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
Professional Affiliations: National Association of Social Workers
Professional Interests: Acculturation; suicide prevention; multicultural identities; issues related to assault and trauma; interpersonal relationships; depression; issues related to self-esteem
Hobbies/Self-Care: Traveling, cooking, reading, going to the beach, and being in nature
Wellness Tip: The small things make a difference – 3 healthy meals a day, 8 hours of sleep, playing with your cat or dog, reading for fun, sketching, playing an instrument at night, meditating, exercising, calling a friend, or going for a hike or beach day. We need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others and reach our goals. We all have difficult moments, days and times; reach out to a friend or other supportive individual. Be that supportive individual for someone else.

Denise is a licensed clinical social worker and has been a staff clinician at Caltech Counseling Services since January 2017. She is able to offer counseling in Mandarin and has worked in the field of Asian American mental health for 7 years prior to her experience with college counseling. Drawing from several therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic and systems theory, Denise strives to use an integrative approach that taps into students' strengths and resilience to address current difficulties.

Jane Tsang

Jane Tsang, LPCC

Staff Clinician

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Education: M.A. Counseling, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, B.A. University of California at Berkeley
Professional Affiliations: American Counseling Association
Professional Interests: Personality development, moral psychology, leadership development, trauma, conflict resolution, anxiety
Hobbies/Self-Care: Reading, dancing, playing instruments (cello, vocals)
Wellness Tip: Create mental space throughout the day. This type of space doesn't require too much time and might be as simple as a few deep breaths. Use these brief moments to check in with yourself on how you're doing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Shauna McManus, Psy.D.

Shauna McManus, Psy.D.

Staff Clinician

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Education: Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Fuller Seminary; M.A. Psychology, Pepperdine University; B.A. Psychology, UCLA, UCLA Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychotic Spectrum Illnesses
Professional Affiliations: American Psychological Association, Glendale Area Mental Health Professionals Association
Professional Interests: College student mental health, anxiety management, identity formation, mood disorders, psychosis.
Hobbies/Self-Care: Music, sports, travel, reading, delicious food!
Wellness Tip: Use the transitions in your day to reflect and reset. Ask yourself where you have been, where you are now and where you are going? Move into the next activity with purpose and direction.

Erica Liao

Erica Liao, LMFT

Staff Clinician

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Education: M.A. Clinical Psychology, Santa Clara University; B.S. Management Science at UC San Diego
Professional Affiliations: CAMFT, Asian American Psychological Association
Professional Interests: Anxiety management, self-compassion, complex trauma
Hobbies/Self-Care: Crocheting, cooking, trying new restaurants, watching kdramas, playing Nintendo Switch
Wellness Tip: Take a short moment right now -- put one hand on your chest, one on your belly: take a deep breath, and notice the rise and fall. Know you are not alone.

Naj Alikhan, LMFT

Naj Alikhan, LMFT

AOD Education and Intervention Coordinator

Pronouns: he/him/his
Education: B.A. Philosophy, University of California at Santa Barbara
M.A. Clinical Psychology, Antioch Univesity
Professional Affiliations: CAMFT
Professional Interests: Substance use, Adolescents, South Asian population
Hobbies/Self-Care: Rock climbing, playing guitar, being in nature
Wellness Tip: When it comes to alcohol, know your sweet spot

Naj Alikhan, LMFT is a Psychotherapist specializing in substance use issues, the adolescent and college age population, anxiety, and the South Asian population. After spending nearly a decade in the mental health field, he believes therapy can help anyone experience more joy and meaning in their lives. He has worked with public, private, and non-profit agencies as a consultant and board member working to bring mental health services to his community. Naj's lecturing work includes undergraduate and graduate level education on Alcohol & Drug Safety and Psychological Theory.

Brandy Ottolino

Brandy Ottolino

Referral Coordinator

I am the Referral Coordinator for Student Health and Counseling Services. I have a background in the medical field managing provider relations, insurance administration/verification and patient support. When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, and our fur baby Jake. Baking and home decor are also passions of mine.

Edgardo Menvielle, MD, MSHS

Consulting Psychiatrist

Picture of Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez

Office Manager for Student Wellness Services

I am the Office Manager for Student Health & Counseling Services and provide administrative support to the centers' professional staff. My responsibilities are to do the many tasks required by the Director and the staff to keep the office running smoothly. I have a background in the medical field doing Administrative/Secretarial work and as a Surgical Scrub Tech. When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family.

Picture coming soon!

Stacy De La Torre

Office Assistant for Student Wellness Services

House Liaisons

Liaison for: Therapist Name
Avery Grace Ho, OTD, OTR/L
Blacker Lee Coleman, Ph.D., ABPP
Dabney Lee Coleman, Ph.D., ABPP
Fleming Jane Tsang, LPCC
Lloyd Juliana Perez, MA, OTR/L
Page Charisma Bartlett, Ph.D.
Ricketts Naj Alikhan, LMFT
Ruddock Denise Lin, LCSW
Graduate Students Grace Ho, OTD, OTR/L and Juliana Perez, MA, OTR/L
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