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Services and What to Expect

April 02, 2024

Occupations are all the ways you "occupy" your time including classes, research, sleep, leisure, taking care of yourself, and more!

Popular topics include:

  • Time management and productivity
  • Planning and organization
  • Procrastination
  • Getting better sleep
  • Low motivation

Occupational therapy focuses on:

  • Implementing practical strategies
  • Finding routines that work for you
  • Feeling capable about what you do

An occupational therapist offers guidance by:

  • Creating beneficial habits and routines
  • Implementing data-driven strategies to meet your goals
  • Setting realistic goals

A counselor, on the other hand, can help you:

  • Learn how to cope with stressful situations and difficult emotions
  • Become more flexible and responsive in how you see yourself and others
  • Understand yourself better

What we have in common:

  • Individualized and client-centered
  • Scientifically driven, evidence-based
  • Defined goals

Remember, you are not limited to one therapy or the other. You may utilize both services to address the same problem as the different frameworks and methodologies of each profession can complement each other. We encourage students to take advantage of all the resources Caltech has to offer!

First Visit (50 minutes)

  • Introduction to occupational therapy services
  • Identifying your concerns and goals
  • Begin discussing topics and identifying strategies for reaching your goals
  • Schedule follow-up if desired

Follow-up Visits (50 minutes)

  • Check-in to review progress and experience trying strategies
  • Reflect on and troubleshoot strategies as needed
  • Discuss additional topics and strategies to sustain healthy change

Workshops are a great way to learn the skills discussed in occupational therapy. Current offerings are located on the workshops and groups page. The On Demand Library contains our recorded workshops from past years.

The workshops you'll find occupational therapy in include:

  • Tackle the Term
  • Getting Better Sleep
  • Building Better Habits
  • An introduction to the Getting Things Done system of productivity
  • Financial Literacy: Budgeting and Introduction to Investing for Retirement
Mon - Fri
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
1239 Arden Rd.
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Pasadena, California 91125
Fax(626) 585-1522