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Community Mental Health Providers List

Counseling Services is committed to providing and facilitating access to timely, quality care to enrolled students. We aim to create individualized treatment plans that balance student and community needs, consider a student's access to resources, and most importantly, prioritize the most effective approach to addressing a client's presenting concerns.

Students who are interested in open-ended individual treatment, who wish to be seen multiple times per week, and/or who need specialized care may be referred to a mental healthcare provider in the community.

A list of providers who accept the Caltech United Healthcare Student Resources insurance plan can be found here:

Counseling Services - Provider Referral List

Counseling Services can also help students with other insurance plans connect with a community provider. It is strongly recommended that students and their families check insurance coverage for behavioral health treatment in Pasadena to ensure that local care is available.

In general, if a student is referred to a therapist in the community and is also receiving treatment for medication management, Counseling Services will facilitate transfer care to a local psychiatrist. If a student wishes to continue psychiatric treatment at Counseling Services, it is required that the student permit collaboration and consultation between Counseling Services and the community therapist to ensure appropriate coordination of care.

Additional Resources:

Students who have the Caltech United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) insurance plan can also access virtual counseling services through HealthiestYou.

Helpful Tips for Finding a Community Therapist

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