PASS - Program for Achieving Student Success

Learn self-awareness, stress regulation, and adaptive coping strategies

PASS - Program for Achieving Student Success
Postponed - TBA at a later date

Update 1/10/2022: To facilitate a safe Winter term, we have decided to postpone the PASS group for the time being. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about these skills individually, please contact Juliana Pérez. Making an occupational therapy appointment is a great way to learn these skills in an individual setting. Check out our workshops and groups too!

PASS - Program for Achieving Student Success is an 8-week in-person class that will teach you an executive functioning skill every week. Each class will cover a different executive functioning skill, followed by an activity and discussion.

What are executive functioning skills?

  1. Planning and Time Management: The ability to create steps to reach a goal
  2. Organization: The ability to develop and use systems to keep track of materials and information
  3. Self-Monitoring: The ability to view and evaluate oneself
  4. Self Control: The ability to stop and think before acting
  5. Task Initiation: The ability to start and finish tasks without procrastinating
  6. Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing conditions by revising plans or changing strategies
  7. Working Memory: The ability to use information held in memory to complete a task
  8. Emotional Control: The ability to manage feelings to achieve goals and complete tasks

Who should attend?

  • Participants must be a currently enrolled Caltech graduate or undergraduate student.
  • Anyone who feels they can benefit from learning the executive functioning skills mentioned above.

Who should not attend?

  • People who cannot commit to attending all 8 sessions.
  • If you have worked with one of our occupational therapists, you probably learned these skills already. You are still welcome to sign up if you feel you could benefit from discussing with others.

Practical matters

  • There is no cost to attend, and no insurance is involved.
  • All participants and the facilitator must wear masks.

About the Facilitators

The sessions are facilitated by Grace Ho, OTD, OTR/L and Juliana Pérez, MA, OTR/L. Read more about us here.

Mon - Fri
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
1239 Arden Rd.
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