Quick Numbers:

  • Health Services: (626) 395-6393
  • Counseling Services: (626) 395-8331
    • After-hours crisis support available 24/7: (626) 395-8331 and press "2" when prompted, please stay on the line
  • Occupational Therapy Services: (626) 395-8331
  • Campus Security Emergency Line: (626) 395-5000 (on campus)
  • Campus Security for non-emergencies including escorts, reports, or information: (626) 395-4701
  • Off-Campus Emergencies: 911
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988

Welcome, parents of Caltech students! We know this can be a very exciting time for your family.

Caltech Student Wellness Services is compromised of health, counseling, and occupational therapy services which are dedicated to supporting your student during their time here at Caltech. Get to know our services better by visiting our New Students Page.

Please note, completion of the entrance health forms is required for every incoming student (graduate and undergraduate). Health forms are due July 15, 2022.

Information About the Student Insurance

Note: Student Wellness Services are open to ALL currently registered Caltech students regardless of what health insurance you have. Students are not required to enroll in the Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan in order to receive care on-campus.

Caltech Anthem Student Advantage (ASA) is the provider of the Student Health Insurance Plan and covers care your student may need beyond what our Student Health Services and Counseling Services can provide.

Information About Confidentiality

If your student is 18 or older, their medical and counseling records are considered confidential; this means that our offices will not be able to confirm or deny that your student is receiving any services unless your student gives their express written consent. If you have questions about your student's care, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with them directly. If you have concerns about your student that you wish to share with our offices, we are able to listen to your concerns and consult with you about how you might proceed. You can also pass on your concerns to the Deans' Offices: The undergraduate deans are available at (626) 395-6351, and the graduate deans are available at (626) 395-6346.

Information About Confidentiality and Students Who Are Minors

In certain situations, students who are not yet 18 years old may need to seek consent from a parent or guardian before obtaining treatment in our offices. Our staff will discuss this with minor students on a case-by-case basis.

Please review the information letter regarding obtaining after-hours care if your student will be under age 18 at the date of arrival on campus.

How to Prepare Your Student to Care for Their Health

  • Student Health Services should be the first stop for any medical concerns.
  • There is no cost for appointments and Student Wellness Services does not bill insurance for services.
  • The providers at Student Health Services can act as their primary care provider.
  • Student Health Services is here to help guide them with referrals to specialty care. Specialists in the community take most insurances and we may be able to provide guidance in this regard.

When your student comes to college, they will be taking more responsibility for their own physical and emotional well-being. You can help facilitate this important transition by talking with them about their medical and emotional needs before they come to campus. For instance, students will benefit from knowing such information as:

Other information you may want to review with your student include:

  • What health insurance do they have?
  • Which providers in the Pasadena/Los Angeles area will be covered under the insurance?
  • Are they aware of their own medical history and do they have access to their past medical records and immunizations?
  • If they choose, how can they find a local primary care provider covered by their insurance?
  • You may find it helpful to sit down with your student and fill out the Hospital Preparedness Form.

Additional Resources

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