If you are a staff or faculty member who is in need of counseling services or other support for yourself, please visit the Caltech Staff and Faculty Consultation Center.

If you have an outreach request, please fill out the Outreach Request Form.

View our Media Kit to download digital versions of our flyers and brochures to share with your students.

Campus Resource Guide 2017-2018.png
Campus Resource Guide 2018-2019 - This is a curated guide of the many campus resources available to Caltech students. We hope you find it helpful!

Health Services:

Being seen by a medical provider at the Health Center is FREE to all currently enrolled Caltech students. Students should consider Student Health Services as their first stop for all their primary care needs. 

Counseling Services:

At the Counseling Center, we consult regularly with faculty and staff about students of concern.  If you want to talk about one of your students, please call us at (626) 395-8331 and ask for a consultation.  Above, we also link to our guide to helping a student in distress.  If you're a faculty or staff member seeking counseling services for yourself, click above on "Counseling for Caltech Faculty, Staff, and Postdocs" to be taken to the Staff and Faculty Consultation Center.

The Caltech Counseling Center is committed to helping graduate and undergraduate students achieve academic excellence and enjoy a rewarding experience while studying at Caltech. We realize that while most students cope successfully with the challenges these years bring, a number of students find the various pressures of life stressful—sometimes to the point of interfering with their academic studies and emotional well-being. As faculty members, staff, and advisors, you may encounter these distressed students in your offices or classrooms. Many of these students have not sought any psychological help. Thus, your role can be a crucial one in identifying and referring students who are in distress. We hope the following information is useful in helping you with this process.

 For a PDF copy of this guide please click here.

Occupational Therapy Services:

For staff and faculty who work with our students on a daily basis, please know that occupational therapy is a free service to all students and we encourage you to utilize us as an additional resource.

Students do not require any additional referral in order to see an occupational therapist. If you feel that a student you are working with may benefit from our services, referring them is as simple as encouraging them to schedule an appointment online through the Student Health Portal or by calling (626) 395-8331.

If you have any additional questions, or are interested in having a talk for your lab, team or group, please send an email to: