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Program Coordinators and Current Peer Advocates

Program Coordinators


Ashwini Lal, Psy.D.

Staff Clinical Psychologist
Peer Advocate Program Coordinator and Instructor

Education: Psy.D., Illinois School of Professional Psychology; B.A., Psychology and Social Behavior, University of California, Irvine
Professional Interests: 
Grief/Loss, Cultural and sexual Identity, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Suicide assessment/treatment, Life transitions

Dr. Lal has trained and worked in different hospitals (VA, County, Private) and university health settings. Prior to his work at Caltech which began in August 2016, he was working in the health center at Stanford University. Throughout his career, he has contributed to the research literature, has written online articles, and has been involved in radio shows addressing mental health issues.

He uses an integrative approach to psychotherapy focused on increasing awareness into factors contributing to struggles and works collaboratively to increase one’s ability to manage symptoms. Symptom management provides immediate relief while allowing for the therapist and patient to work collaboratively to gain an in-depth understanding of the patient’s struggles. This increased awareness leads to long term improvement and increased life satisfaction.

Steven Metzmaker, M.S., E.d.

Residential Life Coordinator
Peer Advocate Program Coordinator and TA
Education: M.S. Ed., Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education Texas A&M, B.A., Sociology, Loyola University, Chicago
Professional Interests: Athletics, First-Year Experience, Global Higher Education, Residential, Student Government, Student Abroad, & Wellness

Steven Metzmaker hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, you may recognize on occasion that his O’s are extended just a bit. Steven began at Caltech in July of 2018 and Steven am the Undergraduate Residential Life Coordinator (RLC) for the North Houses (Lloyd, Page, & Ruddock). Steven graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2014 with a BA in Sociology, worked at Columbia University in the City of New York and the John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy in Housing and Residential Life. In the summer of 2017 Steven did an internship in Qatar at Texas A&M University at Qatar. In 2018 Steven graduated with a Master’s of Science in Educational Administration (SAAHE) from Texas A&M University. When he is not on campus, he will most likely be on a run or trying a new restaurant. Steven looks forward to continuing to serve the Caltech community! My office is located in Lloyd 105 right off the Olive Walk.

2019-2020 Peer Advocates

Name House
Alvin On Avery
Melba Nuzen Avery
Christopher Wang Avery
Kevin Yu Avery
Haward Melton Avery
Katie Chu Avery
Adam Abbas Blacker
Irene Crowell Blacker
Paro Mitchell Blacker
Bethany Suter Blacker
Megan Durney Blacker
Alex Reeves Blacker
Danny Wendt Dabney
Noah Ortiz Dabney
Jina Lee Dabney
Sophia Hewitt (Marguerite) Dabney
Sarida Pratuangtham Dabney
Polina Verkhovodova Fleming
Irene Chang Fleming
Jennifer Yu Fleming
Sophie Devoe Fleming
Anjani Chandra Lloyd
Michelle Hyun Lloyd
Lorenzo Van Munoz Lloyd
Nivedita Kanrar Lloyd
Chan Gi Kim (Chan) Page
Jocelyn Ko Page
Jae Yoon Kim Page
Maya Mutic Ricketts
Shubh Agrawal Ricketts
Malcolm Tisdale Ricketts
Gokul Gowri Ricketts
Izzy Muise Ricketts
Kriti Devasenapathy Ricketts
Mahi Gokuli Ruddock
Elaine Lowinger Ruddock
Vivienne Patwardhan Ruddock
Ashima Agarwal Ruddock
Erik Herrera Ruddock
Iman Wahle Ruddock
Rona Yu Ruddock
Vanessa Woo (Vanna) Bechtel
Maya Srikanth Bechtel
Liana Merk Bechtel
Izzy Camplisson Bechtel

2018-2019 Peer Advocates

Name House
Isabella Camplisson Page
Dominic Catanzaro Lloyd
LC Chen Page
Steven Csaposs Fleming
Kriti Devasenapathy Ricketts
Megan Durney Blacker
David Fager Ruddock
Gokul Gowri Ricketts
Reggy Granovskiy Bechtel
Arushi Gupta Dabney
Andrea Hands Arocha Dabney
Erik Herrera Ruddock
Esther Kim Avery
Yelim Lee Avery
Regina Lee Lloyd
Morgaine Mandigo-Stoba Dabney
Liana Merk Page
Allessandra Mondello Fleming
Siqiao Mu Blacker
Izzy Muise Ricketts
James Park Avery
Sarida Pratuangtham Dabney
Anirudh Rangaswamy Lloyd
Netra Ravishankar Fleming
Alex Reeves Blacker
Ankita Roychoudhury Fleming
Miranda Schwacke Bechtel
Iman Wahle Ruddock
Dovovan Ye Avery
Rona Yu Ruddock
Vivian Yu Marks/Braun