Course Description

SA081A Peer Advocates: This course is a 2 consecutive hours per week course that consists of a one hour lecture component and a one hour discussion section that includes experiential demonstration and practice of counseling skills learned in lecture. This course will expose you to the basic skills necessary to engage in a supportive consultation with a peer in distress. You will learn about basic listening and attending skills and, by the end of the quarter, will be trained in Campus Connect which provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage with a peer who endorses suicidal thoughts. This course will also expose students to the different mental health concerns common to the university population and to Caltech and they will learn how to recognize and support their struggling peers in the role of peer advocate. Course topics include relationships and intimate partner violence, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, and/or grief and bereavement. As part of this course you will also meet with Mark Stapf on a Saturday during the term to learn CPR/First Aid.