Peer Advocate Program

Peer Advocate Description

A Peer Advocate is a student leader who is trained, through a weekly one-term course addressing listening skills and mental health issues, and is committed to enhancing the residential experiences of students at Caltech. Peer Advocates collaborate with campus partners to educate, support, and uphold campus community standards by providing resources and facilitating interactions that contribute to a positive living environment for all members of the community.

Training and Ongoing Consultation

After acceptance into the Peer Advocate Program, students take a one-term course. The course is focused on learning the listening and attending skills necessary to engage in a supportive interaction with a peer and on the common psychological difficulties faced by Caltech students and how to support those struggling with those concerns. After completion of the course, Peer Advocates will attend biweekly consultation meetings with the program advisors, Dr. Ashwini Lal and Steven Metzmaker. This serves as an opportunity to ask questions, check in with class peers, and workshop challenging scenarios. These meetings will take place at noon and lunch will be provided.