The Health Education Advisory League (HEAL) is a group of actively engaged undergraduate and graduate students interested in student health and wellness. HEAL is supported by the Caltech Student Wellness Services, and works to improve awareness of mental and physical health and wellness on campus. Some of the recent HEAL initiatives include:

  • Developing student health-related programs such as: 
    • Beaver Walk/Run: An annual 5K open to the entire Caltech Community. Featuring music, bubbles, poster-making stations, and a photo booth with our beloved mascot 
    • Tabling Activities: Pop-up activities and events around campus that creatively address the following areas of health promotion: drugs & alcohol, sexual health & healthy relationships, stress & sleep, nutrition & fitness, and mental health awareness.
  • Monthly meetings to discuss general health and wellness needs on campus 
  • Planning new health promotion programs 
  • Encouraging and inspiring the Caltech community to stay healthy

If you are interested in supporting the health and well-being of the campus community, and want to contribute to HEAL, please contact Jennifer Howes, Ph.D., Director of Student Wellness Services.