General Insurance Information

Note: Health Services are open to ALL currently registered Caltech students regardless of what health insurance you have. 

Caltech requires that all registered students carry adequate health insurance. The requirement can be met either through Caltech United Healthcare Student Resources or UHCSR, the university sponsored health insurance plan, or through an alternative insurance plan that has comparable benefits. 

Enrollment in Caltech UHCSR is an annual commitment, with fees that are charged through the academic quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring), for the annual period. The plan runs from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. If you enrolled through the spring term, your coverage extends through the summer.

Health Insurance 101 Powerpoint

For more information on how insurance works, please click to download the Health Insurance 101 PowerPoint.

Caltech United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR)

Note: Health Services are open to ALL currently registered Caltech students regardless of what health insurance you have. 

The Student Health Insurance Plan is provided through the Caltech UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) and covers care you may need beyond what Student Health Services and Counseling Services can provide. For example, if you become seriously ill or injured, your insurance will help you pay for hospitalization and specialist care.

Designed specifically for Caltech students, the plan covers all types of medical and mental health care — routine, urgent and emergency — while you are on campus, at home, and even traveling abroad. You can receive care from the best local doctors near campus as well as a large national network of top-quality doctors.

  • Doctors: You may receive care from any doctor or hospital. But the Plan pays more — and you pay less — when you use UHCSR Preferred (PPO) doctors.
  • Routine Office Visits: When you go to a UHCSR doctor for a routine office visit, you pay a $15 copay. Any extra care, such as lab work or x-rays, is subject to the plan’s deductible and coinsurance.
  • Prescription Drugs: When you use UHCSR Preferred (PPO) pharmacies, you will be charged the lesser of the drug cost or set flat copays. Click here for the Prescription Drug List.
  • Other Covered Services: You first pay a $150 annual deductible (per person). Then the Plan pays 80% when you use providers in UHCSR's PPO network.
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum: Once your costs reach the $1,500 annual out-of-pocket maximum, the Plan pays 100% for eligible services for the rest of the policy year. 
  • Telehealth: With our new Telehealth benefit, available through HealthiestYou, you can connect with a U.S. Board-certified doctor 24/7, 365 days a year via your phone, tablet, or computer, usually within an hour. You can use the Telehealth service at no cost to you if you are enrolled in the Caltech Student Medical Plan (otherwise, you can use the service for $40 per visit). Register today so you'll be all set to use Telehealth when you need it.

Please visit the Benefits page for comprehensive information regarding the student health insurance plan.

Additional Resources:

UHCSR Resources (PDFs)

Setting Up Your UHCSR Account and Printing Your ID Card

Be sure to set up your UHCSR MyAccount to access your ID card and online services. You will need to show your insurance card (on your phone or paper card) when you pick up a prescription or when you have services done with an outside provider (e.g. labs, tests).

Click here to view instructions to make an account and print your electronic ID card. 

You can also download the UHC StudentResources App using the links below so you can easily access your ID card and information about your coverage at any time. Read more about it here.

UHC StudentResources App (Android)
UHC StudentResources App (iOS)

Finding Providers and Specialists

Kevin C. Lee, HR Insurance Specialist 

Our UnitedHealthcare Insurance Liaison is Kevin C. Lee who is available to answer any questions you may have about the student health insurance.

Vision and Dental Insurance

Our dental insurance provider is Delta Dental PPO. Our vision insurance provider is EyeMed. Please click the following links for more information. 

Non-Caltech Insurance

Note: Health Services are open to ALL currently registered Caltech students regardless of what health insurance you have.