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Self-Help & Community Resources

Anonymous Mental Health Screening Tool - How Are You Feeling? This screening tool is completely anonymous and confidential. Immediately following the brief questionnaire you will see your results, recommendations, and key resources.

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Choose from four online programs to help you better manage stress, depression, anxiety, and build resilience. Each module takes 20-40 minutes to complete and is based in cognitive-behavioral therapy. You can track your mood and symptoms over time, complete brief self-guided exercises, and learn practical skills that will help you feel better.

SilverCloud Health is free for all Caltech students, and you can complete the modules at your own pace from your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • 88.6% of Caltech students found the modules helpful
  • 78.7% of Caltech students said the program supports them in making progress toward their goals

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Read more about each of the modules:

Students who have the Caltech United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) insurance plan can also access virtual counseling services through BetterHelp. You have access to Psychologists (PhD / PsyD), Marriage and Family therapists (LMFT), Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC). These professional licensed counselors will be available to you via ongoing text communications, live chat, phone, video or groupinars.

When you first visit the counseling website, you will be asked to register and complete a questionnaire that will request your UHCSR insurance information on your ID card, emergency contacts and your goals for accessing the service. The questionnaire will also ask you for counselor preferences (gender, specialty, etc.) to ensure you are matched with a practitioner that can help you meet your goals. Within 24 hours after completing the questionnaire, you will be contacted by a counselor to schedule an appointment and decide on a communication method that best suits your needs.

Students must register at to use BetterHelp services.

Click here to view the BetterHelp flyer and learn more.

Telehealth services are included with your United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) student health insurance plan and is provided by HealthiestYou.

Visit the HealthiestYou website to learn more and to register. Students can also call the toll free number on the back of their SR ID Card or access their UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) account to learn more.

Click to view the HealthiestYou flyer.

Some highlights include:

  • Available 24/7
  • No appointment necessary
  • Use whatever device is convenient (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • No consultation fee for UHCSR members ($40 consultation fee for non-members)
  • Talk to a board-certified physician when Health Services are closed

Save time and money and get the care you need. Telehealth can help diagnose and treat minor ailments such as allergies, pink eye, and earaches, and can send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy if needed.

Click here to view our community mental health providers list who accept the Caltech United Healthcare Student Resources insurance plan.

Click here to read our resource on depression and suicide including what to do if you or someone you know is suicidal, symptoms of depression, myths about suicide, and how to talk with someone about suicide.

The term "crisis" can mean different things to folks - in general, a crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. It's often a time when our traditional problem-solving approaches fail to bring us back to equilibrium, and we can encounter feelings of hopelessness, sadness, frustration, confusion, and even panic. Please note that the examples above are only some possible crisis scenarios. Counseling Services staff is available for phone or walk-in crisis consultations during regular business hours even if your scenario is not listed above, and phone consultation is available when the office is closed.

Quick Numbers:

  • Campus Security Emergency Line: (626) 395-5000 (on campus)
  • 9-1-1 (off campus)
  • Telephone crisis consultation is available after business hours on weekdays, weekends and holidays by calling the Counseling Services main line at (626) 395-8331 and pressing "2" when prompted. A counselor may follow up with you the next day regarding your use of after-hours support to offer additional support or resources.

Click here to view our resources on alcohol and other drugs. You will find educational information on alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, hallucinogens, opiates, and prescription stimulants. There is also additional information on how to obtain support, along with additional community and online resources.

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e-CHECKUP TO GO for Alcohol and Marijuana - The Alcohol & Marijuana e-CHECKUP TO GO surveys are alcohol and marijuana-specific brief assessment tools designed to educate college students about their substance use. The assessments take about 15-20 minutes to complete and are self-guided.

Click here to view our time management resources. You will find calendars for the term along with app recommendations for productivity and organization.

Note: This is solely for your information only. Caltech is not sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with these programs.

HeadSpace | iOS, Android | Free Trial, Paid - HeadSpace offers introductory sessions to mindfulness meditation, and has a larger library addressing a variety of topics including anxiety, sleep, and more
Calm | iOS, Android | Free Trial, Paid - Calm is another meditation app with a large library to browse from
Oak | iOS | Free - Oak provides free guided meditation and breathing exercises
Insight Timer | iOS, Android | Free - This meditation app is also completely free and has thousands of guided meditations to choose from
Stop, Breathe & Think | iOS, Android | Free and Paid - Stop, Breathe & Think, the app for meditation & mindfulness, has a unique approach that allows you to check in with your emotions, and then recommends short, guided meditations, yoga and acupressure videos, tuned to how you feel.My Virtual Hopebox | iOS, Android | Free - Virtual Hope Box is a multi-media coping skill app designed for individuals struggling with depression. The four main features of Virtual Hope Box include sections for distraction, inspiration, relaxation, and coping skill options. Daylio | iOS, Android | Free - Micro diary to help track your mood and activities. Daylio creates helpful statistics to help you understand your habits better.
Year in Pixels | iOS, Android | Free - Each pixel represents a day and you can add notes and select the emotions you felt

98point6 | iOS, Android | Paid - On demand text-based primary care that connects you with a physician via your smartphone

notOK | iOS, Android | Free - It's okay to be notOK. This app lets you get immediate support from your friends, family, or peer network. notOK is a digital panic button service to get you immediate support via text, phone call, or GPS location from your trusted contacts when you're struggling to reach out.

Counseling Services has offered the Meditation Mob continuously since October 2014. Each week's session are recorded and made available as MP3s for those who can't attend in person. You'll need Caltech IMSS credentials to log in.

Note: These resources are for informational purposes only. Student Wellness Services does not personally endorse any specific resource.

Local urgent care and emergency room information

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive healthcare services and sex education.

Alcohol and other drug resources in the local area

Students are encouraged to utilize a combination of online, community, and campus resources in order to best meet their health needs. You are always welcomed at Student Wellness Services.

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