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Roles and Responsibilities

Serving as a community educator

  • Function as liaison and advocate for resident needs and concerns to appropriate people
  • Collaborate with campus resources to develop and implement educational programs based on resident need
  • Participate in rotation/welcome activities, and help students adjust to a new living situation
  • Promote self-care and self-compassion among residents

Assisting in crisis support

  • Function as an initial point of contact/referral agent for students in need
  • Be available, while recognizing personal and positional limitations, to listen, advise, and support residents who may be experiencing difficulty
  • Appropriately consult with other Peer Advocates, ResLife, Counseling Center, and Deans' office staff when potential problems have been identified
  • Collaborate and communicate with ResLife, Counseling Center, Deans' office, and Housing around students of concern and during emergency planning and campus crisis response

Encourage honor code and personal accountability 

  • Be a positive role model with regards to the Honor Code and personally uphold institute/housing policy
  • Actively ensure the well-being of residents (e.g., intervene, refer to resources)
  • Act as a positive role model on campus by respecting institute policies and fostering a sense of community and respect
  • Promote student and community safety

Completing administrative tasks

  • Be regularly available and accessible to residents and members of the house/area
  • Respond to all communication in a timely manner and follow up with resident concerns
  • Hold a welcome meeting for the community at the start of term (explain role, set community expectations)
  • Develop a regular (1x/month) community building event for residents

Fostering personal, positional, and group development

  • Understand and utilize basic level counseling skills to help students
  • Maintain good academic/behavioral standing and progress toward degree completion
  • Attend weekly one-term training class and earn a passing grade, with subsequent years' training involving attending in-service meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with RA(s) (RLCs may attend) to consult about mental health concerns and community building
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